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  • Animal Survivors of the Titanic

  • Benjamin Guggenheim
    Benjamin Guggenheim (An Affair To Remember) - American businessman Benjamin Guggenheim died on board the Titanic whilst his mistress and maid made it safely into a lifeboat.

  • Captain Edward John Smith
    Down With the Ship - Captain Edward John Smith bravely stayed on the Titanic as she sunk.

  • Charles Melville Hays
    Unlucky Invite - Charles Melville Hays and his family made the fatal mistake of accepting an invitation by J Bruce Ismay to be guests on the Titanics maiden voyage.

  • Colonel John Jacob Astor
    Colonel John Jacob Astor IV - One of the world's wealthiest men died, whilst saving women and children from the sinking Titanic.

  • Colonel Washington Roebling
    Designer of the Brooklyn Bridge - Colonel Washington Roebling (American Civil Engineer) survived the sinking of the Titanic on 14th April, 1912.

  • Crew of the Titanic
    Unsung Heroes - The crew of the Titanic acted with bravery and courage. Of the 899 crew members aboard the Titanic only 214 survived. 685 perished.

  • Drifting Lifeboats of the Titanic
    Long Cold Night - The sea was littered with the drifting lifeboats of the Titanic, waiting for a rescue ship.

  • Financial Loss of the Titanic
    Who Knew ! - The financial loss of the Titanic would be the biggest ever suffered by marine insurance brokers. It wasn't fully insured!

  • Francis Davis Millet

  • George D Widener
    George D Widener - American businessman George D Widener and his son perish on board the Titanic as it sinks in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Henry Birkhardt Harris
    Theatre Manager - Henry Birkhardt Harris, manager to the stars, died on the Titanic but his body was never identified.

  • Henry S Harper
    Pampered pooch - Not only was Henry S Harper, his wife and his Egyptian interpreter rescued from the sinking Titanic, so too was his Pekinese dog, Sun Yat-Sen.

  • Henry Van Dyke
    Henry Van Dyke - Dr Van Dyke's Spiritual Consolation to the Survivors of the Titanic, 18th April, 1912.

  • History of the Titanic
    What Is Left To Say - The history of the Titanic is a short and bitter one. Sinking on her maiden voyage and leaving over 1500 passengers dead.

  • Iceberg aftermath
    Iceberg Aftermath - Passengers on the Titanic reaized the severity of the situation all to late. Many tried in vain to get into lifeboats as women and children went first.

  • Initial Reports
    All Is Well - The initial reports from the wireless message was that the Titanic, had struck an iceberg, but that all the passengers had survived.

  • Isidor Straus
    Isidor Straus - Co - owner of Macy's Department Store perished , with his wife by his side, on the Titanic, April 15th, 1912.

  • J. Bruce Ismay
    Hero to Zero - J. Bruce Ismay was once considered the hero of the shipping world but lost face when he was rescued from the sinking Titanic ahead of women and children.

  • Jack Thayer's Story
    Young Survivor - Jack Thayer's Story details the events leading up to the sinking of the Titanic and the aftermath as people struggled in lifeboats.

  • Jacques Futrelle
    Author Goes Down with the Ship - Jacques Futrelle was a successful mystery writer who perished on the Titanic, after making sure his wife was safely in a lifeboat.

  • L.Beasley's Story
    Who Knew - First hand account from a survivor. L.Beasley's story about the events prior to the Titanic's sinking.

  • Lifeboats of the Titanic
    Ill Equipped - The tragedy was of the Titanic was made devestatingly worse due to the lack of lifeboats of the Titanic.

  • Maiden Voyage of the Titanic
    Maiden Voyage of the Titanic - A true spectacle, the Titanic left Southampon on the 10th of April, 1912, to the cries and whistles of the people who gathered to farewell the great ship.

  • Major Archibald Butt
    Titanic Hero - Major Archibald Butt , who perished on the Titanic. was hailed a hero.

  • Mrs Browns Lifeboat Issues
    Drama on the High Seas - Mrs Browns Lifeboat Issues were mainly due to a Titanic crew member who was referred to by the women in the boat as a "coward"!

  • Mrs Emma Bucknell
    Iron Oars - Women, including Mrs Emma Bucknell, took to the oars of one of the Titanic Lifeboat's to keep the vessel away from the sinking ship.

  • Mrs Vera Dick
    Survival on the Atlantic - Mrs Vera Dick decribes the scene in her lifeboat # 4 as people struggled to come to terms with the Titanic tragedy.

  • People Left on the Titanic
    Left To Their Fate - Accounts of what happened to the people left on the Titanic after the lifeboats had all rowed away.

  • People on the Titanic
    Unknown - The number of people on the Titanic will never truly be known. However we do know that over 45% of the people who perished were crew members.

  • Story of the Steward on Carpathia
    Titanic Disaster - Story of the Steward on Carpathia who witnessed the arrival of survivors, the rescue of pet dogs and the burial of victims.

  • Thrilling Accounts of the Titanic
    Impossible - Thrilling accounts of the Titanic, from passengers and crew who lived to tell their tales.

  • Titanic Collapsible Lifeboats A to D
    Rough End - The Titanic Collapsible Lifeboats A to D consisted of a wooden bottom and canvas sides.

  • Titanic Facts
    Unthinkable to the Unsinkable - Listed are all the Titanic facts you ever wanted to know about the great ship.

  • Titanic Incidents
    Bad Omens - There were several Titanic incidents prior to the ship's collision with the iceberg. A near collison with another ship, fire in a coal bunker and a death of a shipyard worker.

  • Titanic Incidents Related By James McGough
    Titanic Incidents Related By James McGough differ somewhat to what others have recalled of the tragedy.

  • Titanic Lifeboats 1 to 5
    Titanic Lifeboats 1 to 5 - These lifeboats were made up of mostly 1st Class Passengers.

  • Titanic Lifeboats 11 to 16
    Standard Lifeboats - The majority of 2nd and 3rd class passengers survivors were in Titanic Lifeboats 11 to 16.

  • Titanic Lifeboats 6 to 10
    Dog Gone It - Two of the three dogs rescued were found inTitanic Lifeboats 6 to 10.

  • Titanic Myths and Rumors
    Where There Is Smoke - Titanic myths and rumors began the moment the great ship sank and they have continued even to this day.

  • Titanic Passengers of Note
    Titanic Passengers of Note - Among the men who perished on the Titanic were leaders of the world of commerce, finance, literature art and the learned professions.

  • Titanic Ship Facts
    Titanic Ship Facts - Including all the things you ever wanted to know about the construction of the Titanic. From the luxurious cabins to the amazing refrigerating plant and engine room.

  • Titanic Stories Told By Women
    Women Doing It For Themselves - Titanic stories told by women who were left in lifeboats while their husbands, sons and fathers perished .

  • Titanic Strikes an Iceberg
    That Sinking Feeling - Reactions on board, when the Titanic strikes an iceberg as told in the 1912 book "The sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters".

  • Titanic Survivors
    Who Made it - A list of all the known Titanic survivors.

  • Titanic Survivors First Cabin

  • Titanic Survivors Second Cabin

  • Titanic Trivia
    That Sinking Feeling - Titanic Trivia is about everything you didn't know about the Titanic or that fateful night on April 14th, 1912.

  • Titanicberg
    Titanicberg - A detailed account of the greatest maritime disasters in history, the ship Titanic. Including suriviors accounts, the rumors, the myths, and of course the facts about the sinking.

  • Tragic Homecoming of the Titanic Survivors
    Solumn and Sad - The tragic homecoming of the Titanic survivors was met with silence as relatives and friends lined the pier waiting for loved ones to appear.

  • water tight compartments
    The Unsinkable - The reason they believed the Titanic was unsinkable was because of her water tight compartments.

  • William Thomas Stead
    Premonitions - Prior to the sinking of the Titanic, passenger and famed author William Thomas Stead had written two articles with errie similarities.

  • Wireless Operator Harold Bride
    SOS - Wireless Operator Harold Bride survived the sinking of the Titanic by climbing onto an upturned lifeboat.

  • World Responds to The Titanic Disaster
    From Kings To Presidents - The World Responds to The Titanic Disaster.