Crew of the Titanic

In command of the Titanic was Captain E.J. Smith, a veteran of the seas, and admiral of the White Star line fleet. The next six officers, in the order of their rank, were, Murdock, Lightoller, Pitman, Boxhall, Lowe and Moody. Dan Phillips was chief wireless operator, with Harold Bride as assistant. Of the 899 crew members aboard the Titanic only 214 survived. 685 perished.

Crew Members


Captain Smith


Chief Officer - Henry Wilde
First Officer - William Murdoch (Murdock)
Second Officer - Charles Lightoller

Junior Officers

Third Officer - Herbert Pitman
Fourth Officer - Joseph Boxhall
Fifth Officer - Harold Lowe
Sixth Officer - James Moody

Band Members

Wallace Hartley (Orchestra Leader)
Jock Hume ( Violinist)
Fred Clark ( Bass player)
C. Taylor
J.W. Woodward
R. Bricoux
G. Krins
W.T. Brailey

Ships Barber

Mr K Whiteman (last man to speak to Colonel Astor).