Henry Birkhardt Harris

(December 1st , 1866 - April 15, 1912)

Henry Birkhardt Harris, the theatre manager, had been manager of May Irwin, Peter Dailey, Lily Langtry, Amelia Bingham, and launched Robert Edeson as a star. He became the manager of the Hudson Theatre in 1903 and the Hackett Theatre in 1906. Among his best known productions were "The Lion and the Mouse", "The Travelling Salesman" and "The Third Degree". He was president of the Henry B Harris Company controlling the Harris Thaetre.

Young Harris had a liking for the theatrical business from a boy. Mr Harris married Miss Rene Wallach of Washington in 1900. He was said to have had a fortune of between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000. He owned outright the Hudson and Harris theatres and had an interest in two other show houses in New York. He owned three theatres in Chicago, one in Syracuse and one in Philadelphia. He was also a Mason and was affiliated with the Democratic party. He was also a one time treasurer of the Actors' Fund of America and a trustee of the Hebrew Infant Asylum of New York.

Henry and his wife boarded the Titanic at Southampton, where they had first class tickets to cabin C-83. Mr Harris died in the disaster, but his body was never identified.