Henry S Harper

(11 March 1864 - 1st March 1944)

Survivor !

Background of Henry S Harper

Henry Sleeper Harper , who was among the survivors, is the grandson of John Wesley Harper, one of the founders of the Harper publishing business. H. Sleeper Harper was himself an incorporator of Harper & Brothers when the firm became a corporation in 1896. He had a desk in the offices of the publishers , but his involvement in the later years in the management of the business had been very slight. He had been active in the work of keeping the Adirondack forests free from logging. he had a habit of spending half his time traveling to foreign places. His friends in New York recalled that he had a narrow escape about 10 years prior to the Titanic, when a ship in which his was traveling also struck an iceberg on the Grand Banks.

Dog Gone

Henry, his wife, an Egyptian interpreter (Hammad Hassab) and the family pet, Sun Yat-Sen (Pekinese Dog) boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg in France. They were returning to America after an extensive tour of Asia and Europe. The Harper's and their entourage occupied cabin D-33. When the collided with the iceberg they went to have a sticky beak up on the boat deck. With no sign of trouble the group went into the gymnasium and then later to the starboard side. It was at this stage that the Harpers, Hammad and the pooch were allowed to board lifeboat 3. Nobody seemed to have an objection to sharing the boat with a yappy little dog. Lifeboat 3 was rescued by the Carpathia at around 6am. 

Useless Information

Just if you were wondering, Mr Harper's dog did have a ticket it was number 869 and it cost £1 19s 7d.