Millvina Dean

Last Titanic Survivor

To the many of us who have been fascinated with story of the great ship Titanic, it has come as quite a shock to learn that the last surviving passenger, Millvina Dean, has been forced to sell her beloved mementos to pay her nursing home fees. Miss Dean was barely two months old when her mother placed her in a sack, to keep her warm and headed to the life rafts with her little brother. Sadly, her father would never join them, instead perishing in the cold dark waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. To all of us she should be recognised as a Historical and National Treasure.


As a generously kind offer, author V.C. King is going to donate 50% of her online sales from her novel Titanic-Relative Fate to Miss Dean (from now to December 2008). If you would like to help support Miss Dean and enjoy a fascinating thriller, please purchase the novel through the following links on this page.

Titanic-Relative Fate

Titanic-Relative FateIn Titanic: Relative Fate we meet Titan’s Sister—younger sister ship to the legendary Titanic—an ocean liner built to embody all the pomp and luxury of yesteryear in a modern cruise vessel. Soon, however, there seems to be much more in common between the two ships, as disaster strikes before Titan’s Sister’s maiden voyage has even begun. The ship’s builder and a detective set out to solve the mysterious events before the ship follows the same deathly path as its older sibling.
Titanic: Relative Fate has been endorsed by historical societies around the world, including the Belfast (Ireland) Titanic Society, the Canadian Titanic Society and the Titanic International Society.

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