People on the Titanic

Of the 2340 of passengers and crew on board the Titanic only 705 survived that fateful night. However, it has long been disputed how many people were actually on the Titanic when she hit the iceberg, some say as many as 2340 whilst other reports vary from 2,207 to 2,223 people. All the passenger lists were handwritten and completed by more than one person, so the figures are at best, a guess. To make it more complicated some passengers cancelled or missed the boat, while others made last minute reservations and (not to forget) the ship stopped at two more ports before heading to New York. Even the accuracy of the number of dead will never be resolved, only 328 bodies were ever recovered from the icy waters. Five ships scowled the Atlantic for 9 days looking for bodies. The White Line had chartered the steamer Mackay Bennett. The rescuers located 328 bodies of which 116 were buried at sea (due to their bad state) and the others were embalmed. First class passengers had the luxury of being placed in coffins whilst the second and third class passengers were sewn into canvas bags and put on ice. Up to two months after the disaster ships were reporting bodies still bobbing in the Atlantic.

First Class Passengers

Of the 329 passengers in first class, 199 survived and 130 perished making it a loss of 39.5 %. Amongst the dead were some of the most rich and powerful men of the day, including Colonel John Jacob Astor, George D. Widener, Archibald Butt, Charles M. Hays and Mrs JJ Brown (the "unsinkable"). Of the 173 first class men on board 54 survived and 119 died and of the 156 women and children 145 survived and 111 died. The  first class passengers made up 8.5 % of the total number of people who perished on the Titanic.

Second  Class Passengers

Of the 285 passengers in second class, 119 survived and 166 perished making it a loss of 58%. Of the 157 men in second class, 15 were saved and 142 perished and of the 128 women and children in second class 104 were saved and 24 perished. The second class passengers made up about 11% of the total number of people who perished on the Titanic.

Third Class

Of the 710 passengers in third class, 174 survived and 536 perished making it a loss of 75.4%. Many of the passengers in Third Class were never identified, as records were not well kept. Of the 486 men in third class, 69 were rescued and 417 died and of the 224 women and children in third class, 105 were saved and 119 perished. The third class passengers made up about 35.5% of the total number of people who perished on the Titanic.

The Crew

The crew, which numbered 899, lost a total of 685, which was over 75% of the entire staff . Amongst the dead were all the band members of the orchestra and all of the bellboys, liftboys and pageboys. Of the total of 876 male crew members 682 perished and 194 survived and of the total number of 23 female crew members, 3 perished and 20 survived. The crew made up approximately 45% of the total number of people who perished on the Titanic.


It was believed there were 9 dogs on board. Amongst the survivors was Pekinese pooch, Sun Yat-Sen (Lifeboat # 3) owned by Henry S Harper, a Pomeranian owned by Margaret Hay (lifeboat #7) and  Elizabeth Rothchild's pooch (lifeboat # 6). Among the dogs that didn't make it was champion bulldog, Gamon de Pycombe and a St Bernard.