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Thrilling Accounts of the Titanic

Thrilling Account by L. Beasley

Thrilling Accounts of the Titanic, Lowering lifeboats Collison only a slight Jar - Passengers could not believe the vessel doomed- Narrow escape of life-boats- Picked up by the Carpathia.

Among the most connected and interesting stories related by the survivors was the one told by L.Beasley, of Cambridge, England. He said:

"The voyage from Queenstown had been quite uneventful; very fine weather was experienced, and the sea was quite calm. The wind had been a westerly to southwesterly the whole way, but very cold, particularly the last day; in fact after dinner on Saturday evening it was almost too cold to be out on deck at all. Click here to read L.Beasley's entire account.

Jack Thayer's Own Story of the Wreck

Seventeen year old son of Pennsylvania railroad official tells moving story of his recue - Told mother to be brave - Separated from parents - Jumped when vessel sank - Drifted on overturned boat - Picked up by Carpathia.

One of the most calmest of the passengers was young Jack Thayer, the seventeen year old son of Mr and Mrs John B. Thayer. When his mother was put into a lifeboat he kissed her and told her to be brave, saying that he and his father would be all right. He and Mr Thayer stood on the deck as the small boat in which Mrs Thayer was a passenger made off from the side of the Titanic over the smooth sea. The boy's own account of his experience as told to one of his rescuers is one of the most remarable of all the wondeful ones that have come from the tremendous catastrophe. Click here to read Jack Thayer's Story of survival.

Incidents Related By James McGough

Women forced into lifeboats - Why some men were saved before women - Asked to man lifeboats.

Surrounded by his wife and members of his family, James McGough, of Philadelphia, a buyer for the Gimbel Brothers, whose fate had been in doubt, recalled a most thrilling and graphic picture of the disaster. As the Carpathia docked, Mrs McGough, a brother and several friends of the buyer , met him and after a rather toughing reunion they all headed to Philadelphia. Vivid in detail, Mr Gough's story essentially paints a different picture from what one would have imagined. He declared that the boat was driving at a high rate of speed at the time of the accident and seemed impressed by the calmness and apathy displayed by survivors as they tossed on the frozen seas in the little lifeboats until the Carpathia picked them up. the Titanic didn't plunge into the water suddenly, he said, but settled slowly into the deep with its hundred of passengers. Click here to read more about James McGough's personal account.

Wireless Operator Harold Bride

Story of Harold Bride, the surviving wireless operator of the Titanic , who was washed overboard and rescued by a lifeboat - Band played Ragtime and 'Autumn'.

One of the most connected and detailed accounts of the horrible disaster told by Harold Bride, the wireless operator. Harold survived not only the cold waters of the Atlantic but also the cramped area he found on a capsized lifeboat before being taking into a upright one. Click here to read  Wireless Operator Harold Bride's harrowing account.

Story of the Steward

Passengers and crew dying when taken aboard Carpathia - One woman saved a dog - English Colonel swam for when boat with mother capsized.

Some of the most thrilling incidents connected with the rescue of the Titanic suvivors are told in the following account given by a man trained at sea, a steward from the rescue ship Carpathia. Click here to read the Story of the Steward on Carpathia.