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Titanic Facts

White Star Line, was the owner of the Titanic which was a British company owned by J.P. Morgan's Trust, International Mercantile Marine (IMM).

The Titanic was built at Harland & Wolff shipyards in Belfast, Ireland.

It took over 15,000 men to build the ship.

Two people died during the building of the Titanic.

The ship Titanic was 882½ feet (269m) long, 92½ feet (28m) wide, weighed over 53,000 tons (53,800t) and had 11 decks.

The ship had 3 anchors, one for each side of the ship and one center anchor for the bow.

The Titanic had four funnels which were approximately 63 feet (19m) high and 24½ feet (7m).

There were approximately 2,000 portholes and windows on the ship.

The designer of the Titanic was Thomas Andrews who was head of the design department at Harland & Wolff shipyards.

The hull was made of overlapping steel plates which were fastened by over 3 million rivets.

All the plating of the hulls was riveted by hydraulic power, driving seven-ton riveting machines, suspended from traveling cranes.

The Titanic was originally to have 64 lifeboats on board but they were reduced to 20.

The Titanic cost $7.5 million to build, well over $123 million today. 

The Titanic's top speed was 24 knots (which she never reached) which is equivalent to 28 miles per hour (45kph).

The Titanic was officially launched on the 31st of May, 1911.

The fourth funnel was actually used for ventilating the ship and was not connected to the engine room.

The registered tonnage of each vessel is estimated as 45,000, but officers of the White Star Line say that the Titanic measured 45,328 tons.

The Titanic was commanded by Captain E.J. Smith, the White Star admiral, who had previously been on the Olympic.