Titanic Passengers of Note

Some of the More Notable Characters

Titanic Passengers of Note, TitanicThe Ship's company was a character befitting the greatest of all vessels and worthy of the occasion of her maiden voyage. Though the major part of her passengers were Americans returning from abroad, there were enrolled upon her cabin lists some of the most distinguished names of England, as well of the younger nation. Many of these had purposely delayed sailing, or had hastened their departure, that they might be among the first passengers on the great vessel.

There were aboard six men whose fortune ran into tens of millions, besides many other persons of international note. Among the men were leaders of the world of commerce, finance, literature art and the learned professions. Many of the women were prominent in two hemispheres.

Wealth and fame, unfortunately, are not proof against fate, and the most of these notable personages perished as pitiably as the more humble steerage passengers.

The list of natables included, Colonel John Jacob Astor, head of the Astor family, whose fortune was estimated at $150 million; Isidor Straus, merchant and banker estimated $50 million; J. Bruce Ismay, Mananging director of the International Mercantile Marine estimated $40 million ; Benjamin Guggenheim, head of the Guggenheim family estimated $95 million ; George D. Widener, son of P.A.B. Widener, traction magnate and financier estimated $5 million ; Colonel Washington Roebling, builder of the great Brooklyn Bridge; Charles Melville Hays, president of the Grand Trunk Railway ; William Thomas Stead, famous publicist; Jacques Futrelle, journalist ; Henry S. Harper, of the firm of Harper & Bros ; Henry Birkhardt Harris, theatrical manager; Major Archibald Butt, military aide to President Taft; and Francis Davis Millet, one of the best known American painters.