Titanic Trivia

Titanic Trivia, Size of the Titanic, comparing buildings to size of Titanic

If in 1912 the Titanic was stood up on its end, it would be taller than any building of that time.

The Titanic was traveling between 21-23 knots (approx 26 miles an hour) when it struck the iceberg.

The last tune the band was playing before the Titanic sank was believed to be Autumn by Louis Von Esch c.1810 a popular waltz of the time  and not "Nearer My God to Thee".

No members of the band survived but the Black Talent Agency who hired the musicans, sent the violinist's family a bill for $3.50 for the cost of the unpaid and unreturned uniform!

The search for survivors and bodies lasted 9 days.

The total number of people aboard the Titanic was 2340.

The total number of lifeboats and rafts on the ship were  20.

Capacity of each lifeboat was a total of 50 passengers and 8 crew.

Total capacity of lifeboats and rafts was approx 1,000 people.

Number of lifeboats wrecked in launching was 4.

The capacity of the lifeboats which were safely launched was 928.

The total number of people actually taken in lifeboats was 711.

The number of people who died in lifeboats was 6.

The total number of people saved was 705.

The total number of Titanic's passengers lost was 1635.

Total number of Titanic crew who perished was 685 from a crew of 899.

Some of lifeboats had no plugs in the bottom so the passengers had to use their hands to stop the water coming in.

When the Titanic struck the iceberg it was rumored John Jacob Astor quipped, "I asked for ice, but this is ridiculous."

There were only 2 bathtubs available for the 700 or so third class passengers.

There were 9 dogs on board, three of which survived. Margaret Hay's Pomeranian (lifeboat #7), Elizabeth Rothchild's pooch (lifeboat # 6) and Henry Sleeper Harper's Pekinese, Sun Yat Sen (Lifeboat # 3) . Among the dogs that didn't make it was champion bulldog, Gamon de Pycombe and a St Bernard. It is rumored that a passenger had freed the dogs from the kennels when all hope was gone.

Ironically the RMS Carpathia was sunk 6 years after rescuing the Titanic survivors. She was hit with a German torpedo and went down off the Cornish Coast.