World Responds to The Titanic Disaster

Cablegram from King George

" The Queen and I are anxious to assure you and the American nation of the great sorrow which we experienced at the terrible loss of life that has occurred among American citizens, as well as among my own subjects, by the foundering of the Titanic. Our two countries are so intimately allied by ties of friendship and brotherhood that any misfortunes which affect the one must necessarily affect the other and on the present terrible occassion they are both equally sufferers."

George R. and I.

King Albert of Belgium

"I beg Your Excellency to accept my deepest condolences on the occassion of the frightful catastrophe to the Titanic, which has caused such mourning in the American nation."

King Alfonso & Queen Victoria

" We have learned with profound grief of the catastrophe to the Titanic, which has plunged the American nation in mourning. We send you our sincerest condolence and wish to assure you and your nation of the sentiments of friendship and sympathy we feel toward you."

Three American Cardinals

" The archbishops of the country, in joint session with the trustees of the Catholic University of America, beg to offer to the President of the United States their expression of their profound grief at the awful loss of human lives attendant upon the sinking of the steamship Titanic and at the same time to assure the relatives of the victims of this horrible disaster of our deepest sympathy and condolence. They wish also to attest hereby to the hope that the lawmakers of the country will see in this sad accident the obvious necessity of legal provisions for greater security of ocean travel."

James Cardinal Gibbons Archbishop of Baltimore
John Cardinal Farley Archbishop of New York
William Cardinal O'Connell Archbishop of Boston

 Reverand Henry N Couden (House of Representatives)

" We thank Thee that though in the ordinary circumstances of life selfishness and greed seem to be in the ascendancy, yet in times of distress and peril, then it is that the nobility of soul, the Godlike in man, asserts and makes heroes."