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  • Benjamin Guggenheim (An Affair To Remember) - American businessman Benjamin Guggenheim died on board the Titanic whilst his mistress and maid made it safely into a lifeboat.

  • Down With the Ship - Captain Edward John Smith bravely stayed on the Titanic as she sunk.

  • Unlucky Invite - Charles Melville Hays and his family made the fatal mistake of accepting an invitation by J Bruce Ismay to be guests on the Titanics maiden voyage.

  • Colonel John Jacob Astor IV - One of the world's wealthiest men died, whilst saving women and children from the sinking Titanic.

  • Designer of the Brooklyn Bridge - Colonel Washington Roebling (American Civil Engineer) survived the sinking of the Titanic on 14th April, 1912.

  • Long Cold Night - The sea was littered with the drifting lifeboats of the Titanic, waiting for a rescue ship.

  • Who Knew ! - The financial loss of the Titanic would be the biggest ever suffered by marine insurance brokers. It wasn't fully insured!

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  • George D Widener - American businessman George D Widener and his son perish on board the Titanic as it sinks in the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Theatre Manager - Henry Birkhardt Harris, manager to the stars, died on the Titanic but his body was never identified.

  • Pampered pooch - Not only was Henry S Harper, his wife and his Egyptian interpreter rescued from the sinking Titanic, so too was his Pekinese dog, Sun Yat-Sen.

  • Henry Van Dyke - Dr Van Dyke's Spiritual Consolation to the Survivors of the Titanic, 18th April, 1912.

  • What Is Left To Say - The history of the Titanic is a short and bitter one. Sinking on her maiden voyage and leaving over 1500 passengers dead.

  • Titanicberg - A detailed account of the greatest maritime disasters in history, the ship Titanic. Including suriviors accounts, the rumors, the myths, and of course the facts about the sinking.

  • Iceberg Aftermath - Passengers on the Titanic reaized the severity of the situation all to late. Many tried in vain to get into lifeboats as women and children went first.

  • That Sinking Feeling - Reactions on board, when the Titanic strikes an iceberg as told in the 1912 book "The sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters".

  • Bad Omens - There were several Titanic incidents prior to the ship's collision with the iceberg. A near collison with another ship, fire in a coal bunker and a death of a shipyard worker.

  • All Is Well - The initial reports from the wireless message was that the Titanic, had struck an iceberg, but that all the passengers had survived.

  • Isidor Straus - Co - owner of Macy's Department Store perished , with his wife by his side, on the Titanic, April 15th, 1912.

  • Hero to Zero - J. Bruce Ismay was once considered the hero of the shipping world but lost face when he was rescued from the sinking Titanic ahead of women and children.

  • Young Survivor - Jack Thayer's Story details the events leading up to the sinking of the Titanic and the aftermath as people struggled in lifeboats.

  • Author Goes Down with the Ship - Jacques Futrelle was a successful mystery writer who perished on the Titanic, after making sure his wife was safely in a lifeboat.

  • Titanic Incidents Related By James McGough differ somewhat to what others have recalled of the tragedy.

  • Who Knew - First hand account from a survivor. L.Beasley's story about the events prior to the Titanic's sinking.

  • Ill Equipped - The tragedy was of the Titanic was made devestatingly worse due to the lack of lifeboats of the Titanic.

  • Maiden Voyage of the Titanic - A true spectacle, the Titanic left Southampon on the 10th of April, 1912, to the cries and whistles of the people who gathered to farewell the great ship.

  • Titanic Hero - Major Archibald Butt , who perished on the Titanic. was hailed a hero.

  • Millvina Dean: Millvina Dean the last survivor from the ill fated ship the Titanic has been forced to sell her mementos to help pay her nursing home fees. See how you can help support her.

  • Drama on the High Seas - Mrs Browns Lifeboat Issues were mainly due to a Titanic crew member who was referred to by the women in the boat as a "coward"!

  • Iron Oars - Women, including Mrs Emma Bucknell, took to the oars of one of the Titanic Lifeboat's to keep the vessel away from the sinking ship.

  • Survival on the Atlantic - Mrs Vera Dick decribes the scene in her lifeboat # 4 as people struggled to come to terms with the Titanic tragedy.

  • Where There Is Smoke - Titanic myths and rumors began the moment the great ship sank and they have continued even to this day.

  • Titanic Passengers of Note - Among the men who perished on the Titanic were leaders of the world of commerce, finance, literature art and the learned professions.

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  • Titanic Disaster - Story of the Steward on Carpathia who witnessed the arrival of survivors, the rescue of pet dogs and the burial of victims.

  • Unsung Heroes - The crew of the Titanic acted with bravery and courage. Of the 899 crew members aboard the Titanic only 214 survived. 685 perished.

  • Titanic Ship Facts - Including all the things you ever wanted to know about the construction of the Titanic. From the luxurious cabins to the amazing refrigerating plant and engine room.

  • Left To Their Fate - Accounts of what happened to the people left on the Titanic after the lifeboats had all rowed away.

  • Impossible - Thrilling accounts of the Titanic, from passengers and crew who lived to tell their tales.

  • Rough End - The Titanic Collapsible Lifeboats A to D consisted of a wooden bottom and canvas sides.

  • Unthinkable to the Unsinkable - Listed are all the Titanic facts you ever wanted to know about the great ship.

  • Titanic Lifeboats 1 to 5 - These lifeboats were made up of mostly 1st Class Passengers.

  • Standard Lifeboats - The majority of 2nd and 3rd class passengers survivors were in Titanic Lifeboats 11 to 16.

  • Dog Gone It - Two of the three dogs rescued were found inTitanic Lifeboats 6 to 10.

  • Unknown - The number of people on the Titanic will never truly be known. However we do know that over 45% of the people who perished were crew members.

  • Who Made it - A list of all the known Titanic survivors.

  • Solumn and Sad - The tragic homecoming of the Titanic survivors was met with silence as relatives and friends lined the pier waiting for loved ones to appear.

  • That Sinking Feeling - Titanic Trivia is about everything you didn't know about the Titanic or that fateful night on April 14th, 1912.

  • The Unsinkable - The reason they believed the Titanic was unsinkable was because of her water tight compartments.

  • Premonitions - Prior to the sinking of the Titanic, passenger and famed author William Thomas Stead had written two articles with errie similarities.

  • SOS - Wireless Operator Harold Bride survived the sinking of the Titanic by climbing onto an upturned lifeboat.

  • Women Doing It For Themselves - Titanic stories told by women who were left in lifeboats while their husbands, sons and fathers perished .

  • From Kings To Presidents - The World Responds to The Titanic Disaster.